International And Domestic Transport:

KASPER Trade s.r.o. was established with the main goal of providing high quality and mainly complete international and domestic transportation services. With the experience gained, the company has expanded to other fields, but the main priority remains. We always try to provide our customers with quality service and optimal solutions.

Transportation And Logistics:

The main goal of our logistics is to deliver "Just in Time"
Our company is always looking for individual solutions and flexible process.
We always try to offer to our customers the best solution to meet all market requirements at minimum costs.

Customs Services:

KASPER Trade s.r.o. today has extensive experience in the export and import of goods to and from third countries. We offer to our customers a comprehensive solution of all services in the field of customs procedures for import and export of goods.

Thanks to the use of modern information technology, individual approach to the matter and personal expertise in the given field, we can provide our customers with a complete customs clearance.

Just thanks to our personal experience and flexible negotiation we can work in the shortest possible time

Bookkeeping And Tax Advice:

Company KASPER Trade s.r.o. has good experience in accounting and is ready to ensure complete accounting always with individual approach and flexible solutions.

We offer complete bookkeeping, tax records, payroll and personnel agendas.

Our matter of course is to prepare financial statements, send regular reports from accounting, prepare accounting records for obtaining business loans, leasing credits, subsidies, etc.

With our customers we are always trying to find an individual solution from the start of business and so most of our clients are already able to manage their accounting to a certain extent in a well-set system by themselves. Thanks to this fact our customers have an overview of their real-time accounting.

  • Accounting and tax records
  • Processing complete payroll and personnel administration
  • Processing received and issued invoices
  • Execution of liabilities and receivables, regular reporting on the status of liabilities and receivables always according to current needs
  • VAT processing, Inspection report, Summary report
  • Processing the income tax return for individuals and legal entities
  • Processing the tax return for road tax
  • Processing the tax return for real estate tax
  • Processing the tax return for income tax of individuals and functional enjoyment
  • Representation at the Tax Office, Social Security Administration, Health Insurance…

Establishment Of Limited Company On Key:

KASPER Trade s.r.o. Helps its clients already at the start of their business. Establishment of a company with a legal form of limited company or joint-stock company is considered to be a very complex and costly process in the Czech Republic.

We are trying to help our clients from the beginning with administrative burdens. We always choose personal approach and individual solutions to the whole thing. We will help you with the choice of legal form, the amount of the optimal share capital in the particular case, the amount of the shares, the selection of the trade, etc.

Of course, we have a contractual notary and thanks to this service, we can work in the shortest possible time. You do not have to deal with authorities, our company obviously represents you at all authorities that are obligatory and necessary for the foundation of the company.

If all necessary processes are completed and the company enters the Commercial Register, of course, our work for our clients does not end.

The quality of our services lies in the complete solution, we represent our customers in the other authorities necessary for the smooth running of each successful company. We will conduct you through the entire Tax Office system to successfully assign a VAT number, a VAT payer.

If necessary, we offer to our clients complete bookkeeping.

Foreign VAT:

KASPER Trade s.r.o. is an expert in the conduct of trade within the European Community. Thanks to this, we can provide to our clients expertise in returning VAT from the European Union. Even though the provision of trade within the European Union today is quite a matter of common concern, we still meet with some ignorance about VAT refunds from European Union countries in many economic entities. We offer to our clients personal access, expert advice and ensuring all steps and formalities for processing and refunding VAT from European Union countries.